Monday, June 22, 2009


I was definitely made to be a "small town girl". There may not be a Target or Macy's but we have lots of fun in our small country hick town. Last week, we went to the annual "Pig Out". What exactly is a Pig Out, you ask?

Well, its 5 pigs (donated by local farmers) turning on the smoker, live country music, everyone in town gathering at the fair grounds and eating those 5 pigs for dinner. AND its all FREE!!! 

The Band



The Pork Pullers


Ready to fill our plates!


IMG_0713 IMG_0710

IMG_0711  IMG_0712


We sat ourselves on the green hillside to eat our yumalicious Pork!

It was a fun evening of partying with the townspeople.


They even had t-shirts available.



Jessica said...

very fun!Yeah. Never turn down free food esp. with that many children to feed :)

The Morris Family said...

Maybe we need to have a "Goat Out!!"
I know you all enjoyed the fun. I like our small town too, but we do have a wal mart:)

On the camera, I did take the picture of Terry and the girls but Anna took the rest. Her camera is a Nikon D-80. She just got it a few months ago and before that she had a Nikon D-40. This camera now is a bit more difficult to learn because even though it has auto it does not perform best doing it that way so she really need to learn to do all the manual stuff. I would recommend the D-40 as it works it best on auto but you do have the option of doing it manually. I have challenged her to figure it out and let it be a school project and we'll see about her graduating if she can accomplish this goal.


The Morris Family said...


She had the D-40 prior to this one and she really liked it, this one is deeper and will take work as the other one you can just set on auto and it takes great pictures. I told her last night that I wish she still had that one!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I used to live in Coalville......if that's the baseball field by the church in Hoytsville then I used to live in the trailer right next to the Pace's house!! Family is in that cemetary above the church too!

Natalie's old blogger friend, M