Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Handsome Dude!

I introduced Ranger to you a few posts ago. It has been fun getting to know him these past few weeks. We are very thankful for our new addition...


Ranger is calm with all of the little ones and gives them a good ride. He is very patient and willing. EVERYONE really enjoys riding him. Abbi will be riding him tonight in a horse show/competition. Hudson will be riding Risky. They are both very excited.

(Tally, her little paint mare, is still "in training" and not quite ready for the big stuff)



Abbi is having a great time doing groundwork with him. He is responsive and  "gives in" quickly. She has him on a lead line here and he goes in a circle around her. She uses her body language and voice to instruct him. I am always in aw of how horses understand our requests with just body language. I really enjoy watching Abbi do the groundwork with her horses.

IMG_0633-1  IMG_0634

The first picture she is making him back off with just the rope. Then she called him in. He came and put his head down. She is rubbing his ears and giving him love.

IMG_0640  IMG_0642-1


  We are thankful for Ranger!


Cinnamon said...

That is so cool~ She looks so at ease with them and always up for the challenge I'm sure~

Great job Abby!


Pam said...

That is amazing to me for such a little girl and that big horse. He is a beauty though!
Way to go Abby!

Pam said...

Sorry I meant Abbi!

Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

SO great! I cannot wait to meet (and eventually ride) Ranger! Have you heard from Caleb? I hope he is having a good time!

Susan said...

Ranger IS one handsome dude ;)