Friday, February 19, 2010

"Bewy fun supwize!"

"Me WUV my new(used) bike from Jewia" 
(Julia is her cousin)
We were blessed with a little pink bike, a pink and purple 3-wheeler and a pink scooter from our cousins. WOW!... Lots of excitement and new pink stuff around here.

She is thinkin' she is BIG stuff with her big girl bike.

The little girls have been outside NON-STOP since we received them.

Thanks for handing-them-down to us!
Tessa and the other girls have really enjoyed them. 


Cinnamon said...

Our streets are snowed over with more coming. How is it you have a clean driveway?

Hey I was curious, has anyone used your new front door? Do you use it yet? That must be a hard new habit to form :-)

Tessa looks so big!!!


Teena said...

How cute! Love the pics....

it is encouraging to read about other large families. Lately I am feeling like the ONLY ones. :)


myletterstoemily said...

she is too cute on that little pink bike!

i used to be ecstatic over my hand me
downs from my cousin.


Sandra said...

I miss the times when my kids were that little!

Amy said...

Cute!! Love hand-me downs especially when they have been cared for. Always to share the love:)

The Munck Family said...

Looks like she's doing well with her new bike...we love hand-me-downs and coint them a blessing!