Monday, February 22, 2010

Horse Play

Dad should know by now that if you lie on the floor to rest ~ you are open prey for children piling on you.

Here is Daddy resting with ONE snuggle-bug on top.

And then... it turned into this!
Pure chaos and laughter.

And then this...

The Bucking Bronco

Dad gave in to their fun and games. Surrendered his rest. 
And played!



Cinnamon said...

You would think those Papa's would learn :-) Such fun memories that soon get replaced with wrestling boys and dancing girls :-) Sweet sweet memories.


Shelley said...

Too cute, what a good Daddy! He looked a little tired toward the end of those pics. Cute kiddos. Have a blessed week!!

Amy said...

They're trying to keep him young!!! Fun daddy times:)

myletterstoemily said...

what darling pics of precious ones.

my husband used to go to work on
mondays to rest from the weekend!