Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Gold?

We do!
We now have 3 Gold Belts in Karate.
Wipe On! Wipe Off!
Hudson, Abbi and Weston started Karate last fall. They have really enjoyed it. Their teacher is a neighbor friend and their practices are close-by (4-wheeler distance)!
They have learned self-defense, many karate moves, made new(and some old) friends and they get lots of exercise.

Ben and Weston

Abby and Abbi

They tested last week for their Gold belts and they each received one.



Way to go!


Amy said...

Wat to go kids!!! Great job. They are so cute in their uniforms.

Cinnamon said...

Hey they look great! Way to go girl and boys :-)


Shelley said...

My daughter Abbi noticed the kids and their karate belts. She noticed your daughter spells her name the same and they both love horses and my Abbi loves to cook too!! Too bad we are so far away she said. We are in Michigan. Love your blog and just started following. Thanks for your inspiration.