Monday, February 8, 2010

Porcupine 101

Myth or Truth?

Porcupines throw their quills...
Contrary to popular belief, the quills are not projected. When a p.p (porcupine) is nervous, scared or in mode of protection, their pores open up and their quills can be acquired by a simple touch.

Porcupines will attack if threatened...
They do not attack. They will turn around and give you their hiney (my spellcheck says hiney is not a word. I beg to differ. I use it all of the time!!) which is covered in quills that normally lie flat but will rise and spread out when threatened. fyi- a p.p. can have as many as 30,000 quills.

Porcupines are nocturnal...
P.P's do all their hunting, eating and scavenging at night. Sleep during the day.

Porcupines travel many miles in one day...
They are not travelers. They move over time but not very fast.

Porcupines have orange teeth...

Porcupines love sugar...
They lo-ove salt! Always in search of salt. They will chew and gnaw on wood (contains sodium nitrate) just to get their fill of salt.

Porcupines are active year round...
They do not hibernate. However, in the cold winters they will den for short periods of time in a hole, hollow log, our friends camper, or a treetop. A treetop is where Caleb found his little Scout.

Porcupines can not survive a car ride...
Especially when they have chosen to ride/hide in the engine of the car. 

Scout was a great pet for the short time we had him. Caleb was making great progress with him. He had gotten him to the point where Scout would eat out of his hands and he was getting very few quills when he handled him. 
He was fun!
We learned lots. 
He will be missed ~ LOTS!


Andrea Cherie said...

Aww. Oh no. :( I pray he can find another baby P.P. for a pet.

Amy said...

I loved this post until the very end. That is so sad!!! Scout was so cute. Love the Truths vs. Myths...cute post except the ending:(

Cinnamon said...

Ohhh how awful :-( Scout had become a family friend of ours too. We would talk about "Jeremiah's" newest pet and all laugh about how cool that is :-)

Hope Caleb is okay~


in a world surrounded by men said...


I loved that little spikey boy.

Where the heck are you??? Called and texted you today with no response. Don't you love me anymore??

More importantly, don't you know it is all about me? Well, it is.