Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Lengths

Back in 2006, my sweet mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She did 3 rounds of chemo and she "lost" her hair.  She wore cute hats and was still the most beautiful woman in the world... But she was bald. And it was worrisome for my girls (especially the younger ones). We prayed for my mom daily and one of the girls would always pray that Nana's hair would grow back. Cancer was a daily word in our home. So many questions, so many worries, so many prayers.
In one of our conversations, I had told the children that people donate their hair so that wigs can be made for cancer patients. Abbi and Maggie immediately asked if they could donate their hair. 
Absolutely! was my reply. 
Their hair was already long but not quite long enough for 10 inches to be cut.
A few months later (9/07), Maggie donated 10 inches to Locks of Love.
Poor Abbi! Her hair just does not grow as fast or as healthy. She has yet to donate.

However, Maggie was ready to donate again this week.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths will take 8 inches. 

There it goes!


Ready to donate!


Good to Go!

We will be praying for the girl/woman that receives her hair.

FYI - My mom is alive! And doing well!! 
Thank-you Lord.


Andrea Cherie said...

She's given twice now!? That's incredible!

Amy said...

Such a sweet thing to do! I love the back of her hair. Do we get to see the front?

myletterstoemily said...

that gorgeous hair will make someone
very happy!

Angela said...

Awesome. I have given 4 times to LoL.

Shelley said...

What a blessing your daughters have provided to a deserving woman!! My daughter (Abbi) and I have donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths twice. We are working on our third donation. What a wonderful gift.

Cinnamon said...

She looks beautiful~ Now her and Gladys are the same length :-)

Glad your Mama is doing well~ I agree, Praise the Lord~


Natalie said...

What a wonderful young lady! And her hair looks adorable short!

Dyar Family said...

That is awesome!! My mom loved Locks of Love and I know it means so much to the woman that gets the wig from sweet Maggie. Tell Abbi to hang in there :)

Barbara said...

Well Glory, that is just wonderful, my best friend had breast cancer and we made little hats to go on the cancer patients, the cutting and giving of hair is such a selfless thing to do, God bless you and your dear daughter.