Tuesday, February 9, 2010


1- My sister is still patiently waiting for their 7th blessing to arrive.

2- Caleb is searching high and low for another young porcupine.
We are missing Scout - badly! 
I am praying he finds one because the alternative does not excite me - a baby coyote.  :- 0
And knowing him, he would find one!

3-  My little Sue-Bee (Subaru) has new wheels.
God is so good. He uses others to bless others. We were the ones blessed by others. These "others" knew that we were in need of tires for our car. It was like driving on sleds up and down our snow-packed road. They gave us enough money to buy new all-terrain tires for our all-wheel drive Outback.
This gift brought tears to my eyes.
Completely grateful!

4- I just received an amazing CD from Cindy, a blog friend.
Great music. Awesome talent.
You can order one here.

5- Great News!
Once the snow melts - this place will be "rockin" with campers and lots of fun!
Big Canyon is booked every day (almost) from May - August.
Start praying for the Big Canyon campers. Pray that hearts will be softening (right now) to hear the gospel, that lives will be changed, and that God will be glorified!!


Andrea Cherie said...

We had a tire blessing once too! Jason goes through needing about 2 new tires per year on his truck (ugh) and it's usually about $300 + each time.

Last year his uncle (who has almost an identical truck) called him and said, "We had a lift put on my truck so it can haul a little more. I had to get bigger tires, would you like my old (in VERY good shape!) tires for $20 each?"

"YES!!" It could not have been at a better time either! I'm glad to hear about your blessing too! Praying for a porcupine as well!

The Morris Family said...

Oh, WOW!!!! thank you so much for doing that!! we are trying to seek different ways to market and the Lord has given a couple, Vision Forum and waiting to hear from some others! So, than you for your idea too, blogland does have lots of potential as well!!!

Your sister looks like she has "dropped" since the last picture. I now she is excited to get it going!

Our guys saw a porkie out on the land they are permissibly purchasing....guess we could send it via somehow!!!!

Great about all the campers for the summer, I know the Lord will bless your ministry up there.

Love ya, Ashley!!!!


The Morris Family said...

oops, can't spell......"possibly."