Monday, February 1, 2010

A Team vs B Team

Are you ready for...
  Snow Football?

Super Bowl XLIV

Tough Guys

Huddle Time

Head to Head Line-up

Hike!.... Run Abbi. 
Go Long!!

Next play. 
Notice Rodeo - not sure if he is a player or a cheerleader. 
Nonetheless, he is RIGHT there!

I came home from helping Brian at the camp. The house was deafly quiet (an unusual occurrence around here). Tess and Dani were napping in my bed. And no one else was to be found. I finally heard some muffled shouts and laughter. I looked outside and saw that my chiluns had a full-on football game in play. I love it when they find things to do together and have fun doing it. 


Amy said...

Oh my, this is awesome! My children would so love playing with yours. I only wished I lived closer to some of my bloggy friends. It would be so fun to get all of the kids together to explore and play. It would really be awesome to share in all of the different terrain that each of us have from our parts. Like puzzle pieces coming together to make a big picture!!

Cinnamon said...

I'm with Amy!! But without the owies, thunderstorms (while guys are out) and surgeries :-) hee hee

Looks like SUPER fun. Wish the boys were there to join in~


Alicia said...

Ashley, I have had a lovely visit this afternoon on your blog site. I have laughed and cried, oohed and aahed. Thank you for sharing the Zwahalen blessing. Love Alicia