Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Play!!

How many times a day do you hear the question - -

"Mom, will you ____ with me?
(Fill in the blank as it relates. )
Color? Swing? Play catch? Read? Play a game?

Now, let me ask you - "What is your answer?" 
If you are like me - a busy adult - then you probably say, "Not right now", "After I finish folding the laundry", "When I am done making a few phone calls", etc. 

Instead of being a busy "adult". I want to be a very busy "mommy" spending time with my precious children who are growing so very fast right before my eyes.

I want to color so much that my hand hurts,

 I want to swing so high that I feel sick,

I want to ride a horse so far that I am sore the next day,

 I want to climb a tree so high that a fireman would have to come get me down,

I want to run through the sprinklers until there is not one inch of me dry,

I want to laugh so hard that my belly aches,

I want to read so many books that I lose my voice, 

 I want to play in the dirt so much that I have to take a shower, and so on!

The busy "adult" things can usually wait. So wait they must!

I have children to play with!!!


Pam said...

Very inspiring post! Makes me want to too!!!

Amy said...

I agree with Pam! I want to be busy "mommy" but tend to be the busy "adult".

The Munck Family said...

Amen, they must and they THANKS for the reminder! Us mama/adults get busy and as you said time will pass to fast...way to fast! So lets play!!

Cinnamon said...

I know, let's all have a central get together at Mtn Mama's :-) hee hee

Then we could play, play, play~

Tell the kids HELLO from us all. The 'K' Kids miss them terribly~

Jennifer said...

Then, play you must!
Me, too~thanks for the reminder :)

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Great post! Years from now, the kids will not remember how many loads of laundry we finished, but they will remember if mommy had time to play or she was always to busy. We will either win their hearts or lose them all in the name of "adult" duties.