Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding the Heat (part 1)

We always look forward to a family vacation where it is warm - really warm - after a long winter in the mountains right before our busy summer of campers at BCR.

So, we headed out very early Sunday morning (May 1st) with Grandma in tow.
We were headed for my parents. They have a house south of here and is the half way point for Palm Springs.
We got there just in time for church. It was fun to worship with them and meet their friends.

After church we headed to a resort with a swimming pool and had lunch on the pool patio. It was only 72 degrees and pretty windy but that was really warm to my crew. And they swam!

Dani Rae going down the slide

Pretty in Pink
Tessa in her new goggles and wings that Papa bought her.

Tessa going down the slide and Hudson waiting to catch her.

The rest of us sitting in the sun.

Even Cooper enjoyed the poolside activity - while he slept.

Grandma, Papa (my dad) and Cooper

Oh Cute!!

Grandma getting settled in to her new place for the week.
You see, she stayed with my folks while we were in CA.

We played in their yard and enjoyed the evening together

at their house.

Then came the pizza! 

And a few rounds of our new card game - Scum!

Very fun!

And Cooper did some more resting on Nana's bed. 
We left their house at 10 pm and finished the last leg of our journey to Palm Springs and arrived at 3 am.
We all went to bed.

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The Munck Family said...

Oh what a wonderful start to your trip, it looks like you had a sweet fellowship with your parents. Cooper is getting so big. looking forward to the rest of your vacation...wish we were on vacation;)

I too thought it was so neat that Cooper and Mary Ann were the same birth weight and length. Aren't these babies a blessing!?!