Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hearts Are Broken...

Our faithful friend, Bandit, has been missing for 2 days now.
We are sad!
He has been with us for 8 great years.
Never kenneled, never chained.
Our "porch" dog.
And... if you know this boy,
you know this is a GREAT loss for us.
Come back... Bandit Boy!!


The Munck Family said...

So sorry...hope he returns! Hope the hearts continue to reflect on the good times with him...again so sorry:-(

NanaNor's said...

Hi, I too am so sorry to hear about your Bandit but praying that he will return safely and quickly. Please keep us posted.
Hugs, Noreen

Amy said...

Oh, I'm sorry ya'll are missing a faithful friend. Hope he returns safely and soon.

Cinnamon said...

Come home Bandit! Come home!!

We're praying he's back on your homestead soon.


Susan said...

Praying your porch art will be back very soon! These animals do become part of our family don't they.....Hard

 The Morris Family said...

so sad!!!! I know how it is!!! we had an inside malteese missing for 3 days out on 160 acres and through tears, pleadings and a last search, tehy found him under a tree alive!!! It really was a miracle so to speak. A white fluffy dog up aginst big dogs, animals of the wild, and he survied, so I know it can happen!!! Feeling so for yall!!!