Monday, April 9, 2012


Meet our newest addition...
(15 weeks old)

He is a Blue Heeler/Kelpie Mix

And perfect for us!

Blue was playing a little rough on one of our hens the other day.
Didn't kill her but it was close.
Hence, the chick temptation between his legs. 
 He did very good.
He licked his chops and nipped at her once but she survived
to tell the story. 

He truly is a God-send!
With our hearts so broken over our loss of Bandit
and then our sweet Nana (my mom)...
He has brought us much joy and many smiles!


NanaNor's said...

Not sure why it took my comment as Anonymous because I'm signed into blogger.

Nicole said...

I am sooooo sorry about your Mom, but I rejoice with you that she is in Heaven, she's met the Saviour!!! And I'm so sorry that Bandit never returned. That is so so sad. But I am again glad for you, that you all have BLUE now :) What a blessing. LOVE the picture of Blue and the baby cute!

Cinnamon said...

Blue is adorable! I'm sure he fits right in and has more hugs and love than any dog could ever ask for :-)


Susan said...

He is darling Ashley! Our new dog we got last fall is an Border Collie Kelpie mix and he has turned out to be a wonderful dog! So smart, a little timmed toward strangers and we are working on the chickens too :o)..........he thinks they are to chase but he hates to be yelled at so we are hopeful......happy spring

Valerie said...

So sweet!

Blessed! said...

He is getting sooo BIG!! :)