Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday...

(a little late - yes, I know)
If you have been "following" us for more than a year, than you will already know that July 4th is my absolute most favorite holiday - - - -
Hands down!
Our family heads over to a neighboring small town for the day.
We start it off with a 5K (3.1 miles) at 7:00am
This year, the 6 older children ran.
These are some of the feet that are about to hit-the pavement for 3 miles

And They Are Off!!

Two very cute cheerleaders...
Tessa and Dani Rae

Caleb finished first for our crew
Time - 21:42

Hudson was second

Abbi third:

Maggie, Weston and Elizabeth:
31:20, 31:21, 31:22

This was the first year that Elizabeth ran it. Brian (not pictured) ran with her and he said that she never stopped running OR talking during the entire race!
(That's my girl - talky, talky)

After the race, Grant and his family arrived for the Pancake Feed and fun activities like volleyball.
While the guys played VB...
the gals watched the talent show and shopped the boutiques.

About noon, we headed home to make Homemade Butterfinger Ice Cream and take naps.
(See why I love this holiday? Who wouldn't?)

We headed back to "small town" for BBQ dinner and...

Charley Jenkins concert!!
Then it was time for the fireworks.
Which we did not stay for this year. :-(  
This pregnant mama was tired and we had a few little people starting to melt-down.
Party poopers - I know!
(next year)

I love our country and the freedoms we have!
Thank you, God!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Each one finished the race in good style! Congratulations to you all! I am thinking the break-fast that followed was a welcome sight to those "6". What a fun and memorable day for you all. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into it. We are truly a nation that has been blessed by God.
Nana & Papa

Cinnamon said...

I love that last picture!! Precious~

I want to come for your next 4th of July!! That sounds like so much fun!! Of course my 5k time would be 2 days and 5 hrs :-) hee hee

Just today the kids were all talking about buying the house across the way from you :-0 while John was gone. Sneaky lil' kids aren't they? They had it all planned out and said they could ride their bikes up there and play every day.

Well for some reality John wants to plan another trip to Yellowstone after he gets back. You know what that means.....yup....a visit to Utah!

Hey did I miss when you are due? Are we close? How fun to be pregnant together :-)


myletterstoemily said...

i can see why it's your favorite
holiday! loved the photos of
your runners and the last one
of dad and daughter.

Amy said...

Looks like a very full and fun day!!! I love homemade Butterfinger ice cream!!! :) That is a very sweet picture of daddy and daughter.

Cheryl said...

How did I miss that you were pregnant???!! Congratulations! :o)How far along are you?