Wednesday, July 28, 2010


6 of us ate something bad at a potluck.
Not fun - at all!
And I was one of them.
(even more not fun)
Not that I would rather my little ones be sick than me but it is hard to care for the other sick ones when I am one of them. 

6 of us spent all of Sunday evening and night throwing up - everywhere!
The bedding and toilets are finally clean.
Laundry is all caught up and delivered.
We are all feeling great again!


Note to self: Beware of outdoor potlucks when its really hot!


Cinnamon said...

Oh you poor thing!! All of you!! I'm glad you're better :-)


Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better! That's one sickness we try to avoid...not fun in a large family for sure ;)