Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let Me Just Say...


I mean, seriously, who wouldn't let this in?
He sits at the patio door looking in for someone to 
let his cute little self in.
Quite hilarious!

YES! Caleb has another pet porcupine.
So tiny and so very cute!

None of us can say no to the little thing.
So, he makes his way in more than I would like but
such as life on the mountain. :)

Coop was not so sure at first... 
 and then he could not get enough of the fella.

So fun!

He wore out playing with Cooper and fell asleep
 on the buffet behind the couch.

He is "free" to go but chooses to stick around the farm.
He plays with the dogs, snuggles with the cats.
(he also likes to eat their food)

Only Caleb would think to bring home
 a porcupine, of all things, and make it a pet!


NanaNor's said...

Hi, This little guy is so cute! I just can't imagine having one for a pet; do you have to worry about their quills though? Glad all the other pets leave it be. Thanks for sharing; have a blessed week.

Kristy Quinn said...

It's sooo cute! I too was wondering about their quills causing an issue. I loved all the pics

Valerie said...


Amy said...

He is adorable!!! Ok, I too had the quill questions. I guess you will need to reply to help us out;)

Susan said...

yes please do........won't the lil fella poke anyone? He is cute!