Monday, January 2, 2012

A Mountain Get-Away

And this was NOT on our Mountain.

Back in early December -
We packed our bags.
Kissed the 9 children.
And drove from one mountain to another.

This Get-Away was at Snowbird Ski Resort
on the other side of our mountain range.

My brothers own/run a company.
They are always so thoughtful to invite Brian and I to
the company Christmas party.
It's hard for us to say "no".
We like a good party!
They sure know how to "throw one".
We especially enjoy a dinner with friends/family.
And REALLY especially like a "night away".

First thing on the agenda was to ride the tram to the top.
Oh Fun!

 My Bro-in-law
Crazy dude.

My older brother, Paul and his wife Elaine

My sweet seesta and cute Isaac.

Hello?! Can you say - yum?

Me and My Guy

 So Beautiful

 At the Top

 Debbie (sister) and Bob

Grant (brother) and Shannon

Paul (brother) and Elaine
Sam(their son) and his "close" friend, Beka

Paul and Grant
I am so proud of these guys.
They do a great job being bosses/owners.
(and I know they couldn't do what they do without their awesome wives)
Way to go guys!

Grant kissing Shannon wait... that's Sam. 

 The Whole Crew with spouses.

Hammin' it up! 

gobble him up!!!

OK. So this is my family.
L to R
Grant, Me, Dad, Mom, Debbie, Paul
These are some of my most favorite people in the whole world.
 My family with spouses!

 The 2 people that started this whole thing.
And what a great thing!
Thanks Mom and Dad...
for everything!

Oops. Don't look...
A little kissy face.

 We had a most fabulous time!


Shelley said...

Looks like a fun time. Hope one day to have that time alone :) Love the mountain views.

Mendi... said...

Such a sweet & neat post! Like you, my most favorite people are my husband & my family! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a really great & special time!

 The Morris Family said...

beautiful people,and a beautiful family!!! what a blessing! your mom looks really good !!

That is awesome you all went to the other side of the mountain!! haha!!

Your little guy is soooooo cute!! That one photo looks like his little cheeks are gonna explode......he is full of cutnessssss!!!!!!

Your boys and children are growing up.....its fun and different and emotional and harder and easier and.....i think having nursing babies and toddlers is the easiest!!! hahahah!!!!

thanks for posting, wondering about ya!~!!

Amy said...

Looks like a great time away!!! Those times are treasured. We don't get them very ofter...actually rarely.