Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Again!!

It snowed again this week.  This time, I took full advantage it...


By skiing with a friend at Deer Valley!

      The day we went, the sun was shining with blue skies and fresh powder.

ME                                              ERIN

IMG_6517   IMG_6514

Amazing Views!


Relaxing lift rides. Gave us time to do our talking and resting.


Tissue in each lift line to wipe the "runny schnauze". Now, that is royal treatment!


We skiied fast and furious for the first part of the day. Pretty impressive for a couple of Old Women( I hope you don't mind I called you old, Erin?).  However, by mid afternoon, we did enjoy following the signs that said, "Lodge" or "Easy".

 IMG_6522 IMG_6521

My speedy skis :0)


Taking a long break.

IMG_6542-2     IMG_6540-1


Erin, Thanks for a great day of skiing at Deer Valley!


Anonymous said...

You gals were probably the "dynamic duo" on the slopes that everyone was talking about! Sure looks fun. I am glad you two had a day enjoying the great outdoors of Deer Valley. Mom Rust

Andrea Cherie said...

Oh I'm jealous! Certainly some winter we can make it up to your house and go skiing! That would be a ball!

Pam said...

Awesome photos. Looks like a great day. I have never skied but you make it look so fun!

Natalie said...

I heard Sissy Pants had to quit early, but you kept on tearing it up solo! Woo hoo!

The Morris Family said...

Impressive!!! I have not skied in a long time, but loved loved it!! The pictures are always so breath taking, and surely declares the glory of God!! Oh, how fun it would be for our family to come see ya!!!

Cinnamon said...

Well you certainly ring true to your blog name "Mountain Mama" :-) I love the beautiful pictures and you captured the fun you two were having so well.