Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Table Manners

With a crowd of cousins, food is important and dinnertime is fun!!

March 20-23, 2009

The girls made cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting.

Mmmm.  Mmmm.

IMG_6876 IMG_6879


Caleb and Brady even spent some time cooking. They made an Apple Crisp that was very yummy and did not last long.

IMG_6885 IMG_6889


Table Fun!

IMG_6903  IMG_6898IMG_6900    IMG_6897 IMG_6910 IMG_6901-1 IMG_6899-1      IMG_6904     

Tess does not take time to visit when there is food on her plate.  She is all business!


Me and Sheila


Uncle Greg has "a way" with babies.

He can make them laugh...


He can make them mad...


And he can make them cry...



Cinnamon said...

Beautiful family!!


Andrea Cherie said...

Looks like everyone's having a ball! It's great that your kids are close with their cousins! That's something I really treasure from my childhood :)