Friday, July 31, 2009

Father/Son Retreat

May 22-25

If you haven't checked out the Big Canyon blog lately ~ you should. But just in case, here is the latest post. (I know, I am way behind)  This was the first Father/Son retreat put on by Big Canyon. It was a HIT!  About 50 fathers and sons were at Big Canyon on Memorial Day Weekend.

  IMG_9811  IMG_9808

Fine dining on the Silver Spur Cafe patio

IMG_9790  IMG_9794

IMG_9837   IMG_9838

IMG_9840  IMG_0096-1

Field Games


IMG_9876  IMG_9887

IMG_9926  IMG_9934

Water Balloon Volleyball

IMG_9962  IMG_9998

Jungle Paintball (in the rain)

IMG_0216-1  IMG_0231

IMG_0224  IMG_0215-1

Team Challenge Course

IMG_0103   IMG_0051

IMG_0137  IMG_0145


IMG_0122  IMG_0129


IMG_0091  IMG_0079-1


IMG_0284  IMG_0285

Campfire worship, skits and teaching

IMG_0200  IMG_0206-1

IMG_9809  IMG_0251-1



Cinnamon said...

Oh that looks so fun! I'm sure they had a great "guy" time :-)

Soo good to see you back again~ Cinnamon

Andrea Cherie said...

That fire pit looks incredible!