Friday, July 31, 2009


Have you ever seen a chicken when its head gets cut off? Well, that is the way I have felt (and probably looked) the last few weeks. We have been busy busy busy! We are having a blast with all of the Big Canyon campers and also enjoying all the summer fun activities around here as a family.

    I am the biggest "slogger" (my spell check says that that is not a word). But I think it is! It is the word blogger meshed with the word - SLACKER!  And that is exactly what I have been as of late.

Stay tuned!

Headless chicken: Northern Rock nationalised


Barbara said...

Giggles: yeppers I been there and felt like that, have a great weekend.

Barbara said...
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Cinnamon said...

Hey "Slogger" :-) We still love ya ~slogger or not :-)


Andrea Cherie said...

Haha! Slogger, I love it! I think I might be one too. Home from almost a months worth of travel, so I hope to get back on the blogging boat!

Susan said...

Oh, that's me -- a slogger! LOL! I'm with you...It's definitely a word :0)

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Love the pic of the chicken!!! Glad to see you post again. Life is full but good huh!! Oh I am going to continue to blog.... I am so fickle. Father son retreat looked nice.