Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grandma ~ The Kayakin' Queen

Grandma June (Brian's mom) came for a visit (from AZ) at the beginning of July. I know, I know - that was a long time ago. But remember I have been a "slogger" and now I have to go way back in time to get caught up. So anyway, where was I? Oh yea, she came out. She celebrated my most favorite holiday (the 4th) with us.

We also spent the afternoon at Big Canyon Lake. Oh fun! She has never kayaked before and wanted to try it out...

Here she is getting all of the instructions on how to paddle and distribute weight so you don't tip and all of the other important things - which I have no idea what they are. She also has an audience - - all of us.



Here she is with the final instruction - DON'T RUN OVER BANDIT!!  And the big push send off. Away she goes! A little nervous and unsure about the whole thing, but not going to give up.



AND look at her now... The confident kayak queen!



A few more pics of our time at the lake...

 IMG_1900-1 IMG_1862_2


IMG_1904-2   IMG_1861_2 


IMG_1886-1   IMG_1877


Cinnamon said...

Aren't Granmda's fun? How nice she got to conquer the waves :-)


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Wow a lot of gmas would not get in!! Fun lady. Oh I am going to keep blogging so keep stopping by!!! :) We were so very sorry to hear about Elaine. We are praying for her. I can't imagine how hard it is. I know you can relate and be a good comforter to her. Well bless you.