Sunday, August 9, 2009

You are being tormented...


People continue to surprise me. Let me tell you why...

I took my 5 girls with me to run errands. We were in the grocery store. Tess was sitting quietly in the seat of the cart. Dani Rae was sitting in the big basket of the cart. Elizabeth was standing on the end. Abbi and Maggie were walking along with me. No ruckus. No fuss. All happy and helpful. It was a sweet moment UNTIL...


a lady (about mid 30's) standing there said, "YOU are being tormented." I looked at her with a very puzzled look. Was she talking to me and why on earth would she say that? So I said, "What did you say?"  She said it again, "You are being tormented!"  With a smile and still confused, I asked, "Why do you say that?"

Her reply was, "You have FIVE daughters!  I had two and that was way enough. You are a brave woman."

I told her that I also had 3 boys and all of them are a blessing to us. I left it at that.

I was still confused by her question but then I became very sad for her. What has happened to her so bad that would cause her to make such a comment? Why was her view of children so negative? Had the desire for her own pleasure gotten in the way of "being mom"? Were her children a nuisance? Had she become vain and prideful with no time for her daughters? I don't know.

I prayed for her and her daughters.

I also prayed for myself. I prayed that my heart would not become hardened towards God or my children. I prayed that I would joyfully seek God's will and not my own pleasure and that my children would see Jesus in me.

I am so thankful God loves me -with all of my impurities and imperfections.

God's Love and Forgiveness gives me hope!!


Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

I am glad we have hope!

Andrea Cherie said...

I know I don't have kids, but it still crushes me when people are ungrateful their children. I can't imagine the detriment in a child's life if they heard their mom or dad make that kind of remark about them.

I love that your blog is called "Many Blessings"!!!

Cinnamon said...

You went all the way to town and didn't call me :-) hee hee

The girls look beautiful in their dresses. That is my goal this year. To get my boys and girls in nice mathcing outfits.

That is sad. I see women like that and I too, feel terribly sad for them. For their emtpy life.

Great prayer~ because "there, but for the Grace of God, go I"

Miss you all~

in a world surrounded by men said...

Yeah, your girls are just TORTURE to be around. Geeesh. People don't hear themselves talk.

Or maybe they do, which is even worse.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Wow...that's prob one of the crulest comments I've ever heard but I love the way you handled it. You went straight to God! You are def an amazing example and an inspiration to me of how a godly mother should be and feel. Society looks down on big families, they say it's a burden to have a lot of children. We are here to honor and obey God, not the world. So neat how you took the time to pray for them. We need to remember to pray for the unsaved and those who have drifted! Thanx for sharing:D God bless your beautiful family!

Teri said...

If having daughters whom you adore and who adore their mother...If having sons whom you protect and who protect their mother...If that is what torture is...well then...

Such a sad state of mind we find ourselves in.

Love on your babies. What a precious realization the Lord gave you in noticing that you are not tortured, but blessed, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I miss you two and all of your little blessings.

Erin and I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand two weeks ago to begin our two year tour here. It's beautiful, and the people are great!

We plan to retire (sort of) in five years and then head back to Utah. Could you use a couple of volunteers?

Adam Smith

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is too bad for her. She must be missing out. I like your response and you are very blessed. How sad that people view them as a curse. I wonder how that makes the Lord feel. Hope you are well

Anonymous said...

How blessed I am to have a daughter who loves the Lord and all HIS teachings. You truly have a huge heart for all people and it gives me JOY to see you minister to all with whom you come into contact. I pray that the Lord used your words to move the "tormented" woman closer to Himself. But beyond that, I am moved to tears to ponder what a precious wife and mother you are. Words are not adequate, but the best I can do at this time is to thank you with all my heart for loving my precious grandchildren with a self-less love. They are learning amazing things by watching you and listening to you. All this is pleasing to the Lord and I pray that you are constantly aware of all the blessing HE is showering on you.
I love you always, MOM

Natalie said...

I think sometimes people are trying to say something clever and it just comes out all wrong. I'm always astonished at the strange things people come up with. I feel a little sad for her daughters if she truly felt that way!