Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giddy Up and Very Giddy!

July 6, 2009 

Abbi (with the help of our trainer, Melissa) worked Tally in the round pen. She passed all of the tests for being a safe horse to ride. So today was to be the day that Abbi rode her. We got to Melissa's first thing. Melissa wanted to go through everything one more time before Abbi mounted. Oh my goodness!! She was a crazy horse.... buckin', kickin', snortin', strong-willed and stubborn! We were all shocked.

So the work began! And she got worked hard. Melissa did all of the rope work around her belly, haunches, and legs again.


So instead of riding Tally that day, Abbi took a ride on Sugar - Melissa's pony.

IMG_1919_2-1   IMG_1920

And so did Dani Rae!

IMG_1929-1   IMG_1931

July 7, 2009

We returned to Melissa's the next day. Tally was a new girl. Look how mellow she was - with the rope around her belly. Went through everything (on the ground) again and...


Ta Da!!!


Abbi riding her Tally!


They were both smiling ear to ear!!


Cinnamon said...

How fun she got to ride two horses :-) I bet she's thrilled!!


Cinnamon said...

Hi Abbi this is Grace~

You finally get to ride Tally I see. That's awesome. Wish I could be there with you. Wish you could come over to play.

I built a tree fort. I am going to take pictures of it today and put them on our blog.

Bye, Grace out

Anonymous said...

Way to hang in there Abbi! I knew you could do it! You are an awesome cowgirl! I love you, Nana