Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thankful to be Alive!

a post by my Mom...


Picture yourself driving to the Salt Lake City airport on I-80 westbound at 5:15 AM on Sunday, the 16 of August, 2009.  You are cruising along in the middle lane visiting with your spouse who needs to be at the airport for a 7 o'clock flight to Kansas City.  He is going to see his dad who had a massive stroke on the previous afternoon and is in a coma.  You pass the Junction at Park City and are at Jeremy Ranch when you check the rear view mirror of your Subaru car, again.  Horror of horrors, a vehicle is approaching in your lane at the rate of a speeding bullet!  What do you do?  Will the other driver realize what is happening and go off the road, will he hopefully change lanes?  Should you change your path?  SORRY, the "think time" is up!  You have just been hit by a drunk driver going 110 MPH in his BMW.

    You have just pictured the real scenario of Ashley and Brian.


    When the Subaru they were driving stopped spinning and was in the median, they immediately talked with each other to be sure they were both OK.  Then they went to check on the driver of the other car.  The car was there, the keys were in the car, but the driver had fled on foot.  Brian immediately phoned 911 and Ashley phoned a friend to come take Brian on to SLC to the airport.  Brian seems to have no problems from the accident.  He did not know it was coming and was relaxed - they say you are better off that way.  Ashley, seeing it coming, ended up with a whip lash down her neck and back and just stiff and sore all over.


    The police looked high and low for the driver.  There was a cooler full of beer and an open bottle in his car.  They could not find him.  They were very kind to Ashley and since the EMT's checked her over and found her vitals were normal and she had no headache, they took her home.  The Subaru was totaled.

    The low-down on the driver is that his behavior, even before this accident, earned him the label by the police as "a bad man".  He has quite a record of wrong doing with the law and currently has a warrant for his arrest for a felony charge.  He WILL be dealt with to the full extent of the law.


     At a time like this we again affirm our faith in our GOD.  We thank Him for the protective hedge He had around Brian and Ashley to keep them from  harmful injuries or death.  Their eight young children still need them and we are so grateful that they were spared!  We do serve an awesome God and we must remember to thank HIM in all things.  God has blessed them in so many ways not the least of which is through family and friends who have been very comforting, supportive, and loving at this time.

(my mom came up Sunday and took care of me and my children while I spent most of the day in bed with ice on my neck, Brian in KC with his Dad.  The children had a wonderful time with her. She blessed us tremendously - like always!  Thanks for "filling in" on my blog)

(Love you Mom!)


Anonymous said...

It was an honor for me to be your "first guest writer", Ashley. I love you, your wonderful husband - Brian, and each of your children. I have thanked God many times for sparing your lives in this accident. There are so many "what if"s that our minds tend to go to. Thank heavens we do not need to go there. God is control and we are so blessed to be in His family.
Thank you, Ashley, for the privilege of writing on your blog!
In His Care, Mom

Dyar Family said...

Ashley, WOW!! I am glad you are ok and we will be praying for your neck to feel better and that Brian has a safe trip home. Car accidents are very scary! I Thank God for sparing your lives!!!

Angela said...

I was checking in for updates on your father-in-love and found this about you. So thankful you and Brian were protected! Take it easy with that whiplash. It is serious!

The Morris Family said...

oh, Ashley....
I am almost speechless...thank the Lord you both are alive and recovering. I am sorry about Brian's father and all that he is going through as well. May the Lord give your family great grace as you are enduring these trials. How is your mother doing?


Marci said...

Praise the Lord you are both alive and at least semi-OK. Rest up and let yourself heal. Thanks Mom for being there to help her.

Cinnamon said...

How are you feeling? Can I come over and take the kids to the tree swing, a swim in the pond, then for a cookout outback of hamburger and hot dogs complete with soda pop afterwards :-) We'll bathe them by hosing them off out front, with the ducks of course. Wouldn't want anyone left out?

Then we'll make you a nice cup of hot tea, get a heating pad set on your neck, a foot massage. We'll sing to you, the kids will put on a silly skit to make you laugh. Then when everyone is tucked in and asleep we'll get on our jet and cruise back home~ Oh if life were only like our dreams :-)

We are soo glad you're okay and have such an angel of a Mama! Hugs, gently of course, to you~ We're so glad you're okay!!

Love, Cinnamon

Pam said...

Thank the good Lord neither of you were seriously hurt. Stacy told me about it this morning. I wish I were close enough to bring you supper and a hug. Keeping you all in my prayers.

4shepherds said...

Ashley, I am so thankful you and Brian are okay!! We are praying for Uncle Jerry. I went to KC with mom and dad sunday and came back home Monday. I got to spend some time with Brian and it was so nice to see him. I just wish it was under different circumstances and that I could have seen you too!!
Love you all

Andrea Cherie said...

What a week in your family! I'm thankful you are alive and well~ HE has more for you and Brian to do on this earth! I am praying for a speedy recovery and Brian's dad.
Much Love, Andrea

TnFullQuiver said...

I am so thankful that you and Brian were unhurt. We will be praying for Brian's dad. Pleae keep us updated. We do serve an Awesome God!!!!
grace and peace,

Susan said...

Oh my! Ashley...I am glad to here that you and Brian are ok and sad to here about his dad. I will be praying for Papa Jerry, for Brian and for you girl....God IS good and He IS faithful and HE IS in control
God Bless you and your family

Angela said...

Had been a couple days since you updated. Hope things are better. Still praying.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

wow, I havent been by in awhile.... So scary and horrible. I am so glad the Lord protects His people. I pray your neck and back get well again soon. Sorry to hear about the passing of your husbands father. Take care. Bless you

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord for his goodness! I hope your neck gets better soon.