Monday, August 17, 2009

Calling All Prayer Warriors


Saturday afternoon, Brian's dad (Papa Jerry) had a massive stroke and was life-flighted to a hospital in Kansas City. There was/is bleeding on his brain. That night, Brian booked the earliest flight to KC on Sunday morning.  Brian wanted/needed to be there with his Dad.


Brian arrived to the hospital in KC, along with his sister and her husband. They spent the afternoon with their Dad. As of Sunday night, he was taking breaths on his own (but still has ventilator), eyes were open, responded to pokes, and could move his toes. The scan showed that there was no damage to the brain tissue. Just bleeding and they are draining that. Still many unknowns. Still in coma state.

Please pray for our Papa Jerry!!


Angela said...

Praying in Indiana Ashley. I am so sorry.

Teri said...

WOW. My Brian's dad is a Jerry too.

Definately praying for Brian and Sheila.

We just lost my Aunt to something VERY similar two days ago in KC.

Praying for peace and comfort.

Cinnamon said...

Oh Ashley, you all must be eager for him to get well. How nice Brian could fly out. We will be praying for his body to heal.

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Marci said...

Oh, I will pray. I am glad he was able to go and be with him.

Andrea Cherie said...

I'll be praying for him and you guys~ all the unknowns can be so scary. Thankful we serve a mighty God!!

Jennifer said...

The Price family is praying!