Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet the Parents

   We come from a good line-of-blood!

When I married Brian - not only did I get an incredible man but I also got amazing in-laws.

This is Brian's dad. He passed away unexpectedly in August of 09. 
We miss him ALOT!
He loved to play cards with the children. He is the KING of Hearts. We spent hours playing cards and laughing. It always amazed us how he would get all of the point cards which gave each of us 26 points or he would get none at all. His all-time favorite thing to do was fish. My children loved fishing with him and have great memories of all the fun times at the pond.

This is Brian's mom.
She lives in Arizona. We love it when she visits!
When she comes there is lots of book reading, crossword puzzles, tea parties, baking, game playing, and puzzle doing. She even helps with the animal chores. (yes, this grandma can even milk a goat!)

These are my parents.
They live about 45 minutes away (Salt Lake).
When we see them there is ALWAYS coloring. My girls think Nana is the worlds best color-er. And I have to agree. :-) She has spent many hours and used many crayons while being with my girls. Papa has a passion (like many of my children) for horses so they will  spend many hours riding. He has also helped Hudson with the bee/honey hobby. 
I absolutely adore my parents!
I am so blessed to call them "mom and dad".
(Please pray for my mom. She is not feeling well.)

I love that they are a BIG part of my children's lives. 
My children love it too!


myletterstoemily said...

what an inspiring tribute to both of your
parents! i am so sorry to hear about
your mom's health.

i will send an urgent request to the Healer.


ps. i just finished writing about my mother
in law. isn't that weird? won't post it for a
bit, though.

The Munck Family said...

parents/Grandparents are awesome!!! Both of Arthur's parents have passed away we miss them soooo much!

We'll put your mom on our family prayer list, we pray for those people each morning at our devotion time. Cancer stinks!!! (what's your mom's name?)

Natalie said...

Oh no! I didn't know about your Mom! Praying for this amazing woman!

The Morris Family said...

Brians dad sounds so much like my dad and waht he likes to do with the children, mine loves to play cards when he comes, checkers and he is a fisherman for sure. He lives Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs Ar and fishes everyday!! If he could get paid at it....he would be a millionaire :)

I am so sad to hear your mom is going through this again! I know she will rise above the beast of cancer in her heart as she has such a sweet spirit. I so enjoyed meeting her and her enthusiasm and testimony that she so told me that Sunday! I know too that God will give her another testimony, He is faithful and I know you know that Ashley!!!!!!

Tell Abbi HB form the Morris crew!!!! She is one fine horse woman!!!


TnFullQuiver said...

I too am praying for your mom. My heart is with you. A beautiful post, my friend.

grace and peace,

Amy said...

Sounds like a fine blood line on both sides! My MIL had been battling cancer for 20 years now and it is at a point that nothing can really be done any longer. That's why we started adding on to the house because she will be moving in shortly after completion.

Andrea Cherie said...

Ashley- So sorry to hear about your mom- will definitely be praying for her!

And small world- I went to middle school with "myletterstoemily's" kids!