Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Uh, I mean... Hole-y Jeans!

As our jeans were hanging "out to dry" I noticed a common theme- 

A good sign that life is being lived to the fullest!

Children, Keep on Livin' !!
(AND I will keep on buyin' jeans.)


sheepmom said...

And to think that there are those who pay the "big bucks" to have holes in their jeans. I say just let 'em loose. You will have hole-y jeans soon enough.

BTW - 'Round here, we call it air conditioning.

Susan said...

This could leave some to wonder if the kids are spending lots of time praying on their knees.."Awww the little angels" OR some could wonder if those pooooor kiiiids have to beg for food and mercy up there on that mountain where they live......hehehehe just kidding :o)

Cinnamon said...

Didn't you know that's the "look" nowadays :-p

I agree, those jeans show lots of fun happening!


The Munck Family said...

To funny....yep, love'n life and living it to it's fullest!

The Morris Family said...

That is common look around here too, and you can go to the store and pay lots for holes but you and I get holes by fun play and diligent labor!!!!


myletterstoemily said...

such a cute pic that tells the story
of a big, happy, productive family!

my father in law loves to ask his
granddaughters if their jeans are
'distressed'. it's so cute that he
likes to let them know he is 'up'
on fashion.

Amy said...

Shows lots of love and fun for everyone. Good thing that's in style..if you care about the "style"!!