Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Worm

Our little Tessa loves books! (understatement)

Tessa: "Mom - you read me a book?"
Me: "Sure! I would love to read you a book. (emphasis on a)"
Tessa: "OK. Me will pick out 5 books."

If I am not available she has many other options.
There seems to always be a willing soul to read her a book (or 5).

When she captures Hudson for a read, he will read to her a story about a little girl that does not put her shoes in her locker and can never find them. (sounds very familiar)

Tessa NEVER knows where her shoes are!! (understatement)
She has missed out on errand opportunities b/c they were nowhere to be found.
Very sad times for her.  :-(
It blesses this mama's heart when I hear siblings teaching/training their siblings with a loving heart.
However, in this particular reading session, I think Tessa missed the teaching - - 
way too tired!


The Munck Family said...

So sweet! Tessa and Wesley would be great pals, he too loves books. we read to him what seems like all day long.

Amy said...

Very sweet!! My boys like to help their sisters too...especially my oldest Cade. He is so good with them :)

Shelley said...

Tooo precious!! She is too cute sleeping while be read too!!What a wonderful big brother to read to her!! Have a great weekend :)

Susan said...

So cute!
We have decided on a curriculum,
Sonlight, Tessa would love all the read alouds