Saturday, May 22, 2010

Global Warming?

I Don't Think So!

These REALLY were taken earlier this morning...

Need I say more?

I will say though, "My tootsies are still waiting for the day to wear the flips!"

p.s. don't worry, it all should be melted by noon. :-)


myletterstoemily said...

oh, poor you!

your suburban is to blame for
this, somehow. :)

Amy said...

Too bad :( I can't believe that. We're hitting record highs in the 90s for May here in South Louisiana.

Cinnamon said...

You poor thing! Did your mouth just hang open when you peeked outside this morning? Ugh~

I bet your ready to trade hot cocoa for fresh squeezed lemonade :-)

It was hot and humid here today. So far it's only been hot. Today I was literally sweating while painting the kitchen walls :-0 Oh well it's cleansing right? :-/


Kristy Quinn said...

Oh wow! :O It's in the 30's outside right now and I'm in shock. We've lived in Idaho a little over a year now but this Texas girl is still confused. I'll say a prayer that you won't get anymore snow. *hugs*

Kristy @

The Munck Family said...

Laughing....Were is Al Gore to see this??? Global warming, I don't think so ;)

I'd like to send a little of our 90 degree weather your way, it's HOT in the south. Hope your already back in your flip flops.

Shelley said...

It is beautiful to look at, but I am glad I am not living amongst it!! It was in the 80's here today, and that got to be a little much. Flips have been on :)

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

My oh my! I do NOT envy you one bit!!! Though I do enjoy the pictures!!! If you are needing to get away, Amy and I live down south where the sun is shining brightly and hot ( I much rather the hot 90 degree weather!!!). I am sure we could have a few pairs of flip flops waiting, right Amy?! :)

The Morris Family said...

Do you all even have air??????? I still can't figure this truck thing out.....maybe your son can enlighten us!!!!!

On the add on to our house, the brick wall is the outside wall to the master bedroom which is the "boys" room now! I wanted to leave the bricks for a rustic feel and I am glad we did!

Thanks for being a wonderful "blog" friend!!

Love ya much!