Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Land of Milk and Honey...

Because of these cute babies - we are getting creamy goat milk again.
(from their mama)
Mmmmm Mmmm...

Because of these little creatures - we will be harvesting yummy sweet stuff

Hudson and Papa (my dad) feeding the bees and helping them get settled.

Lotsa Bees =


Hence - The Land of Milk and Honey!

Oh AND...

Papa and Nana brought up raspberry starts from their garden

Papa had lots of helpers.

(still no flips for me)
BUT... my day is a comin'

Watch out because when my day comes - I will be dancing in the yard with my flip flops ON!


Cinnamon said...

I imagine you are one busy Mama withe camp up and running!

We ~love~ fresh honey!! We just got some last month. Bees here, like to make their hives in old houses so we got some free honey :-)


Sit A Spell said...

So glad I saw your comment on Cindy's blog, so I could find yours! (I've known her for yrs & yrs and love her to bits)
You have a beautiful family and wonderful farm.

Oh, flip flops are daily foot wear at my house...I live in Florida!

Marci said...

Love the pictures. We too use the milk and honey theme. We have dairy animals and normally we have bees although we lost them a couple of winters ago and have not replaced them yet. Amazing Graze Farm... the land of milk and honey!! :)

Amy said...

How exciting!! I don't think I can do goats milk because I tried it years ago and couldn't get passed the smell. I felt like i could just taste the fur too. Maybe there's a difference in fresh versus store bought???!!! Honey...yum:) Man, there is always excitement going on around there. I sure would love to visit!

NanaNor's said...

Blessings to you today, I came by after seeing you at Sit a Spell. I live in northeast Colorado and like you I'm ready for spring and now the white stuff. Loved reading your profile; I have two daughters whom I homeschooled who are married and have ooddles of kids and now they homeschool. Love the simple life on the land but we live in a neighborhood. I'm going to follow because I feel that we are kindred spirits in a sense-and sisters in the Lord.
Hugs, Noreen

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I love the life lessons your kids are learning!!! Goat's milk... I am like Amy, I tried it a few years ago and gagged. My husband said the male goat was to close or something like that. He said it is much better fresh!!! I am tempted to give it another try...maybe!!!

My son wants to get a bee hive, I told him in a few years when he is a little older and mature we could try it. It is better for you if you get honey near your place.