Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lo-Li-Pop... Lo-Li-Pop

OK - so we LOVE puzzles around here.
While most of you have been enjoying your warm spring sunny days we have been getting rain, mostly snow, cooler weather, snow, mud and snow. Did I mention snow?
Anyway, I got off track there for a minute.
Well, with the cooler weather, we have been keeping ourselves inside and we love doing puzzles together when the weather outside is not so good. Like snow!
We found this cute little puzzle at Wal-Mart. So fun and so cute!

One late evening (we should have been in bed) the older girls and I were working on it. We started talking about all of the yummy candy in the puzzle. Maggie asked me what I would want the most. I didn't have a short answer for her. Long story short - I would pick the lollipop b/c I have never had one before. I have no idea what they taste like - other than lots and lots of sugar.
So, I would pick a lollipop.  Final Answer!

Hilarious what happened next...
Tessa stole this from Wal-Mart.
No! Not really.
That night (at 11:45pm) Hudson came back from helping Brian with an activity at camp with the campers. One of the prizes awarded was this lollipop. The winner of this tasty huge lollipop did not want it and gave it to Hudson. (oh gee thanks -just what he needs... SUGAR!)
When the girls and I saw it - our eyes got huge and we laughed.
Finally, a lollipop for me to taste.

The only problem - I didn't get a taste.
The children had divided it up (the next day) and it was gone by the time I even knew it was open.

I guess I will go back to the puzzle...


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Just tell yourself that it probably looked much better than it actually tasted (lol). So sorry you're still getting snow. I don't like snow at all. Even rainy days in May make me want a woodstove fire :)

in a world surrounded by men said...

You wouldn't have tasted a sweet at 11:45 anyway. I know you too well.

Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

That was the "sucker" award, and it was given to Pete! Glad he passed it along! Congratulations on the new kittens. Rumor has it the Sweeneys want a cat. You should just drop one (or two) off at their house!