Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guys and Guns

Do you know what today is?
Apparently, I didn't.
I just thought is was a new month - September!
I was wrong.

My boys, however, informed me that it was NOT just a new month. 
It is September 1st.
Which, in their boy brains, it is Dove Opener!!
Let the shooting begin.

Their friends came over early this morning and the hunt was on.
Total numbers for the day were 22
Jonathon, Hudson, Caleb and Daniel
(and 6 of their birdies)

ps I guess you know what will be on our dinner table tonight...


The Munck Family said...

I knew what today was...yep, the opening of Dove season! My dad and brother were all about today, much like the boys in your pictures ;)
Madison our oldest boy is going to be taking the hunters education course this month, he is so pumped up. As i have said before I know our kids would have lots of fun together.

Amy said...

My boys would love to join them!! They would love a hunting adventure. My oldest is only 10 and is the only one who has been able to go hunting with my dad. He loves to hunt but we don't live in the same area so it doesn't happen for the boys often. Love the title, "Boys and Guns". It is seems to be a natural instinct at least for my boys :)