Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are keepin' busy around here...
(never seems to be a dull moment)

Hank, Brian and Darin doin' the hunting thing.
Hank was a leader/mentor/friend to both Brian and Darin during their college years. He came all the way from Texas to pull a bull elk off of Big Canyon with a bow. They saw many but did not "bag one".

Lots of football watching. So fun!! 
(and I might mention nerve wracking for their mother)
Hudson (far left)

Game playing 
Candyland with Nana

Piano playing

Puzzle Working
Maggie and Grandma Great


Lake swimming with the horses
Abbi and Tally

Dani and Risky
Hudson and Ranger

Trail Riding


Sleigh Riding behind the llama.
Just wanted to get your attention.
No snow yet.
(fyi: pic taken last winter)


The Munck Family said...

You all have been busy, busy seems to have its good and bad~as you know. Hope your feeling well. OK, the last picture did shock me a bit, glad you haven't hit that yet cause I remember you like flip flops ;)


Natalie said...

Holy cow, I about had a heart attack when I saw the snow! Not time to put the flip flops away just yet...we'll squeak out another week...maybe!

Valerie said...

Fun times...bummer on the hunting though. :( Love the snow picture, I wasn't even surprised...must need more coffee. :)

Amy said...

Very busy, indeed! Looks like lot of fun going on during the busyness. I too got surprised with the last picture. That was too funn!!! Yes, I love my flip flop too. We get to wear ours almost year round around here :) Hope you get to enjoy yours a little longer!