Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Thu-thump! Thu-thump!
That's what we heard yesterday!
We heard the strong heartbeat of our little blessing.

My midwife thinks I am more like 16 weeks.
I am sticking to 14 weeks!
(if she is right - then I will have an early baby :-) 


Cinnamon said...

Oh fun!! I get to go hear our baby this Friday~ So exciting!!


Cinnamon said...
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The Munck Family said...

16 or 14wks either way what a tremendous blessing!!! Praising the Lord with you for the strong Thu thump- Thu thump!! Do you find out what baby is? And did you with your others?

The Morris Family said...

How exciting!!! praise the Lord for sounds of 'life!"

how neat for the dove hunt, its good met for sure!!


PS tell Tessa she has a sweet friend!!!