Monday, October 11, 2010

It's CAMO Season!

 It's rare to see my boys around the house this time of year - you can find them on the mountain.
(if you can find them)
AND it is especially rare to see them NOT wearing CAMO!

This weekend was the opener for Hudson's youth buck tag.

Caleb and Weston were his spotters and guides.
With great success, Hudson and crew came home with a 3x4 buck.

They gutted him and brought him home where they skinned and quartered him.
Let the processing begin...
I can already taste the sausage and jerky - YUM! 

Way to go Hudson!!
(and crew)


Amy said...

Man, my boys would be so jealous. They would love this opportunity. A friend of ours is planning on taking Cade hunting some this year and he is looking forward to it :) They love camo here, too!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the hunting,


The Munck Family said...

Way to go HUDSON!!!! Madison has hunting fever "bad", we keep catching him shooting the squirrels in the back yard which is fine....BUT we live in the city :0

Boys need camo, and lots of land!!!

Hope your feeling well!