Sunday, October 17, 2010

Royalty Has Arrived to our Home!

My Grandma!
(And she is here to stay)
Mother of 2
Grandmother of 8
Great Grandmother of 39 (ish)
Great Great Grandmother of 2

She is 97 years old!

Tess LOVES reading books to her.
Grandma gets such a kick out of her b/c she reads the books almost word for word
 (by memory, of course)
Unless you would like to think Tess is a genius and reading at age 3...
that is fine by me. :-)

She likes to help with puzzles. The children give her pieces and show her where to put them. She also sorts the colors - very helpful for the actual puzzle-doers.

She talks to her daughter and son each night.
She REALLY loves them!

This is her younger sister who came to visit last summer.
Aren't they cute?

Grandma gives great hugs and gives them freely!

We have enjoyed and feel very blessed to have her living with us.
Amazing Woman!

I think she enjoys watching and being a part of the activity around here.
(there is plenty of it)

She is a funny, sarcastic and sassy "young" lady.
She keeps us smiling!

Her son, my dad, is in the yellow jacket and these are all of his grandchildren.
Quite the legacy!

Grandma and a Great-Grandchild
Awwww so sweet!

Here she comes - Miss America!

Pray that she will continue to be happy here and feel VERY loved.
We want the best for her - she deserves it!!!


Amy said...

She is so cute!!! Looks like she still gets around really well :)

The Mayo Family said...

Oh how sweet...
Give her a extra hug! All the Grammy's in our life are with the this is such a blessing!
Our oldest daughter works with Grandpas & Grandmas, she says "way to go" ....she is doing so well & in such good shape!
Bless your time together!
The Mayo's

The Munck Family said...

WOW, what a true blessing to have her not only in your lives, but living with you. I pray that the days ahead go smooth, and you all make many fond memories!