Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up in Smoke!

This has been our little farmyard since we moved here in 2005.
Brian and the children built all of it.
We knew it was temporary so tried to keep it simple but functional.

Let me give you a quick tour.
To your immediate left is the chicken coop and run.
Moving to the right - A small goat pen for the buck in the fall and babies in the spring.
The next pen and shed is where the mama (does) goats live.
Then there is the hay shed where hay and feed are kept.
It is also where all of the milking took place.
Lots of character building, in my children, took place in that little shed.
They were faithful in doing their chores every night and every morning in the rain, heat, wind, snow, and blizzards in that 3 sided little shed. Oh, how I love that little shed!
The last thing, to the right of that wonderful little shed is the horse corral.
The horses had pasture but this is where they came to get their hay.
Things have changed drastically around here.
We now have a barn - a real one!
We LOVE it!!

So, this past weekend we said good-bye to our old farmyard.
Up in flames it went!

I am thankful for our "little farmyard" and love what it has done for our family.

And now we are so thankful for our new barn
and what it provides for us -
shelter, tack room, feed storage, etc.

Bye Little Farmyard!
We will keep our memories of you.


Amy said...

This was sucha a sad yet sweet post. I know you are enjoying your barn but I bet it was a little sad to see the other go. It was a cute little farmyard.

The Munck Family said...

It looked so cute, but I know ya'll are on to bigger and better!!!