Monday, November 15, 2010

Our New Friends

On the Farm!

Meet Ty

and Merrylegs

Dani has claimed Ty as hers.
They are a perfect match.

Maggie, Weston and Elizabeth enjoy Merrylegs.

Dani and Ty going full speed ahead!

Big hugs for her boy.

They have been a great addition and we are enjoying them


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Beautiful horses and children! :) Your children look so natural on them. It is our dream to one day get horses for our children.

I Love coming to your site and seeing your pictures of the outdoors...I have never been to that part of the country. God has blessed you with a gorgeous view! I am always in awe of His majesty when I see the beautiful countryside He created that you get to view morning after morning!

Cinnamon said...

Your girls make the horses look like little gentle~

I will not be showing these pictures to Gaela or I will not hear the end of the "pleeeeeeze can I have a horse" requests :-)


Amy said...

These are beauties!!! Horses and girls :)