Tuesday, November 30, 2010

None of your Bees-wax

Back in October...
(yes, I know, I am a Slogger)
We harvested the honey that our bees 
had worked on all summer long.
(don't worry, we left some for them)

Hudson the Bee-Keeper

Papa (the King of Beekeeping) melting the caps off
 so we can extract the honey from the comb.

The Audience and Support Team

Weston, Maggie,Tess and even Gma Great

Brian, Elizabeth, Abbi, Weston, Dani, Tess and Maggie

The Extractors


The end results...
3 gallons and 3 pints

Come on over and let's "break bread" together...
with butter and lots-o-honey!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh yummy!!! We'll be right over :-)


Amy said...

That looks like so much fun plus an educational experience for all. I'll be glad to come over and share in your delicious "gold"!