Wednesday, December 1, 2010

84 days...

to go!
I am exactly 28 weeks pregnant today.
And feeling great!!

Even though the sidebar on my blog and the calendar say 84 days to go,
that does not mean much to the baby. 
It's probably more like 90 - 95 days to go.
You see, I have never had an early baby
nor have I had one on my due date.
Our babies like to make an appearance at least a week late.

Regardless of when this baby arrives - we are all anxiously awaiting!

The girls were looking at these pics of Tess when she was a baby 
and it made them very excited to have another one in our home.


Angela said...

So happy for your family. Tess was a doll for sure.

Amy said...

So excited for you!! I'm 26 1/2 weeks pregnant which means if you are usually late then we might still have our babies close together. Last year with Asa, I was pregnant at the same time with another bloggy friend and we had our babies on the same day which was really neat! I was 2 weeks early with him:) Not all have been that early but the only late one was born 2 hours after his due date!

The Munck Family said...

So very excited for ya'll as well ....a new baby what an awesome blessing! !!
I read Amy's comment and my Ruth Ella is who was born the same day as Asa....that was lots of fun! So happy to hear you are feeling well,and I pray your next 84 days are so are just wonderful!

Cinnamon said...

Yeah!!! We can celebrate together soon :-) Our pregnancy is going sooo fast!

We need another picture of you and baby :-)