Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Everyone had finished school.
Caleb and Hudson were helping Brian with outdoor projects.
Everyone else was reading.
A quiet afternoon.

Brian came to the house.
He calmly asked, "Did you have plans to go to the ER today?"
I said, "No. That is not on my list."
(yes, I am a list person)
I looked at him, top to bottom looking for a lost limb or blood pouring out.
He said, "I am fine."
Then Hudson came walking in.
I looked at him looking for blood.
He said, "It's not me. It's Caleb."

"Oh Dear! What happened?" I asked.
"We were driving t-posts in the ground for the snow fence. Caleb brought the post hole driver down on his head instead of the t-post. He needs stitches." 

Off to the ER we went!
Of course, on the way there, Caleb was saying, "Mom - - you and Dad are making a bigger deal out of this than necessary. It's not that bad. I will be fine."
The Dr. had a different opinion.
A few shots of numbing and 8 staples later we were headed home.


The Mayo Family said...

Oh Dear...
Yes, these "worker-man" do keep us on our toes! Oh poor you I hope it is not real far for you? Are you doing well...
I am glad he is okay!
I am just re-covering my Sam's head stiches & glue!
Thats where my beautiful "silver threads" in my hair are coming from! :)
We will pray for his healing!

Natalie said...

Nice! We love head traumas!

Cinnamon said...

Ohhhhhhhh----ouch!!!!!-yuck :-p

So glad he is okay!!!


The Munck Family said...

YIKES!!!!!! That looks painful!!! We'll be praying Caleb heals quickly, and you have no more ER encounters!

Oh and by the way I'm a list person, too. Nothing wrong with that right...well I guess that depends on who you ask?!? But list are AOK in my book :-)

Amy said...

Oh my!!! I'm so glad he was ok and that it wasn't more serious. Just like a boy to say, "It's not that bad. I don't need to go to the ER!"

Does making list in your head count as a list person? I'm one of those who doesn't actually write list on paper everyday but have a list in mind for each day. :)

The Morris Family said...

ouch!!! but all too familiar, we have had one of those in fact most every injury we have had has been head injuries :(

thank the Lord for teh protection he gives all these farm kids!!! (and parents)