Friday, December 3, 2010

70 Pounds...

of elk meat
in the freezer!!
(no, that's not how much I have gained...
although it does seem like it at times)

Caleb quartered the elk, washed it and cut the meat off

Brian, Hudson, Abbi and Weston cut off the fat and cut into small pieces.

Then the small pieces went over to the girls. 
They ground the meat with my wonderful Bosch.

They weighed and bagged it.

THEN... came the sealer! (that was my job)
I sealed and dated the bags while drinking my yummy Pregnancy Tea.

Packaged with a SMILE!!

 The product line.
What a team!

Even the dogs helped out this year.
They did their part by cleaning the bones completely off.

Job done.
And done well.

Let the feasting begin.


Amy said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of me. I've never seen anyone process their own meat. I've heard those around here (deer not elk) getting it processed for them. I guess this saves lots a money when you look into saving the cost of processing along with the amount of meat you have for free. I would have no idea how to cook that much less process it:)

Jennifer said...

What a savings you'll have this winter :)
Enjoy those elk steaks~