Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Lovies

I have many Loves-of-my-Life.
And we enjoy celebrating the love (sounds like a 70's thing) every day
 but we go "all out" on
February 14th
Valentine's Day!

The girls set the table with heart-y things.
This year they made a little bear holding a heart with each person's name on it.

We also have a "Red/Pink Dinner"
This years menu was Shrimp Alfredo, pink fruit salad, beer bread (which was neither red or pink but it was yummy) and for a drink, Raspberry Dazzler

The 3 Musketeer Sisters
and Hudson's helpers with the dessert.

Maggie prepping the main dish

Hudson and his helpers prepping
The Dessert

Each person gets a $5 gift

Even Grandma Great got a gift.
Her favorite...
You can see she was pretty happy about that.

This fruit dessert was the perfect Grand Finale to a fun evening.

I Love my


Cinnamon said...

Oh yummy!! We still haven't celebrated Feb 14th :-0 I told the girls since we missed it the 14th - due to sweet rosie dear - that we'd celebrate it this week. Eeekks, I had forgotten all about it till your post :-0

Praying for you all day! That the Lord would draw you near like HE is so near me during labors. That you'd be blessed beyond belief, that your pain would be tolerable, that you'd rest in HIM, cause HE love you!!


The Munck Family said...

Oh what a fun sweet time, we too share Valentine's Day with our children! looks like everyone enjoyed it!

Hope your doing well today and baby is moving on down ;)