Saturday, February 26, 2011

She is 4!

And has been for awhile.
Tessa had a birthday back in December.

And she shares the same birthday as her Aunt Sheila, Brian's sister.
AND... Sheila and her family were here (all the way from AZ) skiing on the BIG DAY!
So we celebrated BIG for both of them. 

Probably no coincidence that both of the birthday girls' 
request for birthday dessert was Grandma's (Brian's mom) 
Coconut Cream Pie 

Tess, of course, wanted hers to be pink.
Grandma was glad to accommodate. 

Happy Birthday Precious Girl!
I love you.


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Aww...She looks so sweet! You and I have quite a bit in common, including the fact that our baby girl is 4 years older than our baby boy (born 18 months ago). He was our 10th child. I also watch my due dates come and go.

Looks like ya'll had a fun day celebrating!

Cinnamon said...

Very pink indeed!! Happy Birthday Tessa!!!