Sunday, February 6, 2011

We Can Rebuild Him

This is the x-ray of Brian's heel/foot after surgery.
See the plate and 12 screws?
He is half bionic :-)

He is almost 3 weeks post-op!
Nice to have those 3 weeks behind us.
He was in so much pain and it was difficult for him to get comfortable.
Sleeping was nearly impossible.

The pain has subsided.
Sleeping is better.
Healing is happening.

Now he just wants to crawl out of his skin.
He is going stir-crazy.
3 months of no weight on his foot.
How do you keep a man down?

You don't!

He found this contraption called a "Freedom Leg"
that allows him to walk with no weight on his foot.
And he is hands free!
He does not depend on one of us to carry his things from one place to another.
His thigh and knee take all of the weight and his foot hangs above the bar.
The bar becomes his foot.

Right now, he wears it only when he absolutely needs to get around.
Once the swelling goes down and the stitches are out, I am sure it will be his main way of transportation.


Debbie Willis said...

Modern medicine is certainly amazing! Glad to hear he is doing better. How are you? It's getting close to baby time isn't it?

Amy said...

Glad he is doing a little better! That is a very interesting looking contraption. Never heard of one of those before :) You should make a video of him getting around when he starts using it a lot.