Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Boxes


Who knew that  2 large boxes could be so productive?

We have two new ranges for the Yurt at Big Canyon and along with those ranges came 2 big boxes. Brian brought them home for the children to play with. (fun Dad) Well, I seized the moment and said, "You can take the boxes to the play room but not until it is picked up. You have 10 minutes." (slave-driver mom) I have never seen such a mess get picked up so quickly.

Bribery? maybe. I like to think it was a "motivation from mom" moment.

Fresh Foods Restaurant


This lovely building consists of a table and chairs inside, a door, windows with curtains and great service.

A Knights Castle


This building has the towers on top and a drawbridge for protection.

Two new fun things and a clean playroom. Happy kids. Happy mom!



Andrea Cherie said...

I'm going to remember your tactics when we have kids!

Angela said...

Boxes are the best. Imagination stations for sure.