Monday, January 12, 2009

Remember this?



It is our mud room. This is what it looked like right after Christmas.



This is the same room 2 weeks later. (Yes, that is tile under all the coats and boots.) Not much change, for the better, anyway. What kind of people live like this? Oh, yea, we do! Not always, not every room and not all of the time. But it is a good sign that there is activity in our home, lots of life and many memories being made.

Well, a person can only take so much. And I had finally come to that "so much" point.

It was finally time to gather the troops and go to battle in this room.



We pulled together and did it.

(yes, its the same room - see the lovely tile?)


Cinnamon said...

I love your mud room. Atleast when you clean your mess up it looks better :-)


Teri said...

Love the lockers! Of course, we always loved Sheila's too. We intend to do something similar when we build on Miracle Acres. I think with a large family, near muddy places, they are a MUST!

TX Doodler said...

Your words inspire me! From now on I'm going to try to look at my boys' mess as a postive. A "sign of life" & "us making memories", how sweet! Puts in perspective. Your mud room is absolutely gorgeous! Did you make the wood cubbies?