Thursday, January 15, 2009

Way Cool ~ literally

OK. Today's "To do" list: Build Igloo!

We watched the "how to" video. Decided we would make a 10 ft diameter igloo. Grabbed the shovels and went to work.

This handy dandy little block maker is called the "Ice Box".


Caleb Hudson and Weston filled the box with snow.

 IMG_4592-1   IMG_4612

Brian and the girls packed it in.


This was the first layer of snow blocks.


Halfway there!


These were the cutest little helpers. 


Digging out the door and making the finishing touches.


The work is done. Where are all the people?



Here are the people... Inside the Igloo!

IMG_4806  IMG_4804


Now all we need is a few penguins and polar bears. (hmm...maybe NOT the polar bears!)

ps  this is a post i have had in my "drafts" folder for awhile.  apparently, i forgot to publish it.  anyhow, this actually took place a few weeks ago.


Cinnamon said...

Okay that is SOOO neat!! We're jealous completely jealous. Why didn't you invite us over? The kids could have built it together :-) hee hee
Looks like a lot of fun~


~Bren~ said...

Oh I had so much fun catching up on your last 5 posts! Like having coffee with an old friend!!!

Penny said...

Oh my gosh. So much work, but so much fun!! I am imagining lil picnics, playing games and dolls...

Natalie said...

Totally cool! tee hee!