Saturday, January 10, 2009



The children finished their school work, bundled up and headed outside to the sledding hill.  Mind you, it is a hill that I can not see from the house.  It was very quiet in the house.  About 30 minutes later, Dani Rae came in. Her little face was so red and cold.  I asked her if Tessa (our 2 yr old) was cold. She said, "I don't know". I then asked her, "Well, is she fussing?" Again, she said, "I don't know".  So one more question, "Well, is she having fun out there?" 

This is the conversation that followed that question...

Dani Rae- "Mom, she not out tha".  Me - "What! She is not sledding with the kids?"  Dani  - "No"   Let's just say I asked every question I could possibly could to make sure that she was not outside.  Then I screamed at the top of my lungs said, "Tess is missing! Help me find her!!"  We hollered and ran all through the house. Then I started looking deeper - closets, beds, under things etc.  No Tess.  I ran to her bed and her "dee" (favorite blanket) was missing. Ah ha! She is somewhere with that "dee".  And more than likely asleep and not hearing us.  Now, my heartbeat slowed down.  Sure enough she had grabbed a sofa pillow, her "dee" and snuggled in for a winters nap. 







O.K. - just love this little girl!!


Anonymous said...

Oh sis... You made me heart beat a bit faster. It reminded me of Luke...missing for an hour! Found with Sam (his baby brother) in his crib asleep. It's great to have sleepers, but could they just tell us before they disappear and sleep? So glad she was just getting a "winters nap"!
I love you, Deb

Andrea Cherie said...

My little sis did that once, she was just fast asleep in the bottom of the coat closet when mom found her! She was probably only 2 or 3!

~Bren~ said...

Oh Ashley!!! Soooo glad she was just napping. Bet you lost a year there!! LOL

Cinnamon said...

My heart was beating fast just reading the post :-) Cute cute cute pictures of her sleeping~


motherofmany said...

We also couldn't locate a little sister once growing up, and after a frantic search, someone found her asleep on the 'coat chair' by the front door under the coats.

Marci said...

She is adorable, but I bet that was really scary!!